PAYE Taxpayers (Intro)

Every year millions of euros remain unclaimed from the Revenue by PAYE Taxpayers. Why? Because people are not aware of their entitlements and the Revenue do not tell you if they owe you money. In fairness to the Revenue, they are not fortune tellers and if you do not tell them that you are due a certain tax credit they will not know about it. The responsibility is on your shoulders to ensure that you claim whatever you are entitled to. To allow you check your tax position we provide detailed information on the following:

How to find out if you are due a tax refund?
What to do if you discover you are due a tax refund
Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
Tax Credit Certificates
Tax Credit Certificates – How Do I Get One?
Tax Credit Certificates – What Happens if I do not have one?
Tax Credit Certificates – Basic Tax Credits
Form P45
Form P60
Starting Your First Job
Changing Jobs
What Happens If I dont have a Tax Credit Certificate or a Form P45?
Ceasing Work
Flat Rate Expenses Deductions
Ceasing Employment – Lump Sum Payments
How Share Options are Taxed
The Tax implications of emigrating from or immigrating to Ireland
PRSI – Universal Social Charge
What are Benefits In Kind (BIK)
Social Welfare Benefits