Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Can Paylesstax replace my traditional accountant?

Yes. Paylesstax offers a real alternative at remarkable prices that cannot be matched by traditional accountants. We offer a new online system for completing Irish tax returns and accounts. You get the advice you require and the tools to feel confident to complete your own return with the benefit of our tax guarantee for peace of mind.


2 – Why not just use ROS? takes the pain out of completing your tax return. We guide you all the way through the completion of your Irish tax return. With our smart software you only complete the sections that are relevant for you.

Using ROS directly, you will need to navigate your way around a lot of information that is irrelevant to you, make sense of the questions being asked and how they apply to your situation. A laborious task and you could miss potential entitlements and ways to reduce your tax liability.

Ros does not give you tax advice as its not their job – we do through our associated company C. Maxwell & Associates Ltd.


3 – How does it work? guides you through your tax return step by step. By asking questions at the start, it can navigate you to the parts of the return that are relevant to you. As you are in each section it is reviewing the information you have entered and offers help and prompts on how to proceed.

There is a great dashboard at the heart of the system with income reporting features incorporated into it. In addition you get full access to our tax library which contains numerous tax saving tips and support from our qualified accountants and tax consultants.


4 – What do I get?

Our systems produce your completed Irish tax return form for you.

We also show your tax position for the year and tell you what tax payments you have to make.

If you opt for our Check & File service we will file your completed tax return form with the Revenue for you.


5 – Can I trust the advice?

Our founder Cathal Maxwell, FCA, AITI, QFA and his team have over 50 years experience of dealing with tax returns for clients.

Professional tax and accounting support services are provided by his company –

C Maxwell & Associates Ltd – Taxation & Financial Consultants, Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors

You will also have the benefit of our tax guarantee for added peace of mind.


6 – What if I get stuck?

Don’t worry – we are just a click or a call away! We offer online help on the system with numerous online help features to answer your queries. Alternatively, feel free to call one of our qualified accountants and tax consultants any time you have a query.


7 – How long does it take?

Once you assemble your personal statements and documents (we tell you what you need), most people complete their returns in an hour or two.


8 – Can I keep/remove my records on

Yes. allows you to save your completed tax returns onto your own computer. We also maintain records of your tax returns for future reference for existing customers.


9 – Is my data safe?

Yes. treats the security of client data as an utmost priority. Paylesstax uses the latest in online security to ensure your data remains safe. The website is protected by 128/256bit SSL certificate encryption – the same type of security used by Bank of Ireland and AIB’s internet banking website. Our servers are located in Digiweb’s state of the art purpose built ultra high security data centre facility in Dublin.


10 – What does your check & file service do?

Your tax return will be checked by one of our experts and sent to the Revenue on your behalf and we can also arrange online revenue bank debits to pay whatever tax payments are due.

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