We only ask you what we need, cutting out a lot of the questions and then your chosen tax form is automatically generated from our systems.


  • We save you having to deal with over 500 questions spread over 38 Pages
  • All you have to do is PRINT, SIGN AND POST the completed tax return form to the Revenue.


  • We save you having to deal with over 150 questions spread over 16 Pages.
  • Our systems also generate a completed Med1 Claim Form for medical expenses claims.
  • All you have to do is PRINT, SIGN AND POST the completed tax return forms to the Revenue.


  • We save you having to answer 500 questions over 18 separate sections
  • All you have to do is save our ROS file to your computer and upload using the Revenue Ros website.

Benefits Of Using Our Online Tax Return Application

  • You don’t need to
    • Be familiar with tax law,
    • Be familiar with accountancy,
    • Be familiar with tax terminology,
    • Have a tax manual at your side,
    • Spend hours on Google searching for answers,
  • We guide you through entry of your
    • PAYE Income,
    • Self Employed income
    • Property rental income
    • and any other income sources that you have eg deposit interest, dividends
  • Generate
    • your Self Employed accounts
    • your property rental accounts
  • We prompt you for details
    • of your tax deduction claims
    • of your tax credits claims
  • Enter details for your capital gains if any and calculate your capital gains tax
  • Press the buttons for a detailed calculation of your tax position
  • We tell you what tax you owe and how much preliminary tax to pay
  • When tax form complete –
    • For paper Tax Return Forms – Print, Sign & Post
    • For E- Filing via Revenue Ros use our Ros file
    • If you are on Service Plan 3 we do all of this for you
  • Average time to complete 45 min’s from start to finish for existing customers

New Customers

We understand that new customers may take a bit longer and that’s why we are here to help you with full phone support combined with online prompts and videos. We will guide you through this process all of the way to completion of your tax return form.

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