Top 50 Tax Questions

The Top 50 PAYE, Rental Income, Self Employed, Tax Credit and Deduction questions answered by our Expert Tax consultants in an easy to read question and answer format.
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Q. What is the deadline for the paper Form 11 income tax return?

A. The paper Form 11 income tax return deadline 2023 is 31 October 2023.

Q. When is the Revenue Form 11 deadline on ROS ?

A. The Form 11 deadline on ROS is Wednesday, 15 November 2023.

Q. Who has to file a Form 11?

A. Any person with non-PAYE net income of €5,000 or sales of €50,000. Proprietary directors and other charagable persons must also submit a Form 11

Q. What is the Form 11

A. The Form 11 is an Income tax return for individuals in the self assesment system.

Q. Where do I get a paper form 11 ?

A. Download the Paper Form 11 for 2022

Q. Is there a guide to completing form 11 Income tax return ?

A. Here is the Revenue’s guide to completing the Form 11.

Q. Where do I get help with the Form 11 from Revenue ?

A. Revenue have provided a Form 11 help sheet for customers Click Here.

Q. Can I file a paper Form 11 ?

A. All Form 11’s must be submitted electronically unless you receive an exemption from Revenue.

Q. How do I get an exclusion from Revenue's mandatory electronic filing?

A.You can apply to be excluded from the obligation to submit your return electronically if you don’t have the internet or due to old age.

Q. How do I complete the Form 11 online?

A. To complete the FORM 11 online you will need to register for ROS.

Q. How do I register for ROS to Complete the Form 11 online?

A. You need to Register for ROS on the Revenue website to complete your Form 11 online