Annual Gift Tax Exemption

Annual Gift Tax Exemption 

Every person can receive up to €3,000 per annum by way of gift from any one donor. This means in the case of children they could receive €6,000 per annum from their parents. Each parent can make an annual gift of €3,000 from their own resources to a child which would be completely ignored for gift tax purposes.

Example 1- Use Of Annual Gift Tax Free Allowance

Married couple

With 3 children who are married and who each have 3 of their own children.

3 children

3 in-laws

9 grandchildren

15 x €6,000 per annum= €90,000 Future Tax Saving @ 33% is €29,700.

In this example there is a very substantial future tax saving if the parents can take maximum advantage of the annual gift allowance.

Example 2 Using all available Tax Free Exemptions 

Assume Following Facts:

  • Parents have assets of €2m which they want to give to their children
  • They have 2 children, each married with 3 kids of their own

Questions: How can they distribute the money to minimise tax?

By spreading the benefit over all the family members a large amount of capital acquisitions tax can be saved.

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