Self Assessment Tax System (Intro)

Do I need to complete a Form 11 self assessed income tax return ?

The Irish Self Assessment tax system applies to all self employed individuals along with PAYE earners who have non-PAYE income (that exceeds €5,000), e.g. Rental Income. In addition, it applies to Director Shareholders of Limited Companies and anybody who has income which is not dealt with through the PAYE system.

Whether you are in the tax system or not, the onus is on you to comply with all the rules and regulations of the Self Assessment system. You must ensure that your tax returns are submitted to the Revenue on time and that you also make your tax payments within the time limits allowed.  If you do not comply with these rules you will incur interest and penalty costs on top of your normal tax liability. The Revenue police the system by way of Revenue Audits.

Along with a variety of other posts concerning self-assessment, we provide detailed information on the following so that you can check your tax position: