If the Revenue say you owe more than we tell you, we will pay the difference.

Subject to the following Terms & Conditions

  • All of our customers automatically qualify for our unique income tax guarantee which applies in the following circumstances only-
  • your tax return is being made on time within the Revenue tax return deadline filing dates for the year involved and all correct preliminary and final tax payments have been or will be made on time.
  • You LPT property tax return made and paid on time.
  • The tax year involved is not under Revenue audit, review, examination or enquiry.
  • Your assessable income for tax purposes for the year does not exceed €100,000.
  • There are no claims for Double Taxation Relief for the year involved.
  • You did not receive any paye tax refunds for the year in question and the Revenue are not collecting past years tax underpayments by reducing your tax credits for the year involved.
  • You have made a full disclosure of all your income sources for tax purposes and all tax deductible expenses, other tax deductions and tax credits claimed by you for the year involved are genuine valid allowable claims.
  • You are resident and domiciled in the Republic of Ireland for tax purposes except for non resident landlords whose only source of income in Ireland is property rental income from no more than 3 residential properties.
  • You did not exercise or benefit from any share option/restricted stock units schemes and/or similar type schemes during the tax year.
  • The guarantee does not apply if you carry on farming activity or foreign business activity,for income tax marginal relief exemption cases, capital gains tax, prsi or usc liabilities, any tax liabilities in respect of Foreign Life Policies, Offshore funds and any other Offshore products and USC levy on bonus payments to bank employees.