Clear, step-by-step process with helpful info.

Site layout is helpful and clear – you enter various personal details, guided by the hints, and relevant sections of the site either open for you to complete or are removed from your view as irrelevant, eliminating the 30-page eye-glazing minefield that is the Revenue's all-in-one form 11. The process is sequential, with each stage saveable, to continue another day if liked: this removes the overwhelming nature of the RC site. At the end you can see what tax is owed/overpaid and you have three options:
(i) take the software's result and submit it to Revenue yourself (€99, cheapest plan)
(ii) have them check your work/the software's calculations and give you a completed tax form to submit yourself (€175, middle plan)
(iii) have them check and submit for you (€299, most expensive)

We've been with them two years now and this year found what you get for the money downgraded from last year: having them submit it for you (€299) now costs about as much as a knowledgeable accounting technician might cost. Having them check it over first before submission (€175) brings peace of mind as they guarantee accuracy. Even the most basic plan, however, (€99) offers the benefit of the clear, sequential software. We went with the middle plan and considered it reasonable but might opt for the cheapest plan next year as we get to grips with ROS ourselves.

Email contact was excellent: replies were courteous, swift and comprehensive.